Alex “Bingo” RiveroBingo_Portrait_Trans

TYPE: Speed
Neuo Town

Bingo is an absentminded, impulsive, easily embarassed teen. While some might see him as a bit of an airhead over-eager to come off as cool, he has a great sense of adventure, empathy, and a mix of high awareness and intelligence. His speed type is inherited from both of his parents, and despite his age, he’s able to run faster than them thanks to his ability to dash.

Salamon Avery Salamon_Portrait_Trans

TYPE: Flight
AGE: 11
HOME: Neuo Town

Salamon is Bingo’s best friend. While he is smarter than his friend, he tends to be shy and reluctant when he gets dragged into what Bingo has in mind. With his flight type, he can use his ‘ears’ to be able to keep himself in the air. Inherited from his parents is the ability to perform a super jump if he needs to take to the skies at any given moment.