Bingo The Multiva is a fast paced exploration platformer about the titular young multiva, Bingo, on his journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his homeland. Bingo will have to conquer many challenges, defeat many robots, and explore many exotic locations, by utilizing his various abilities.

screenshots_bingo_01 screenshots_bingo_02 screenshots_salamon_03


As BINGO, you can utilize his abilities to take on Darth’s bots! He can perform a KICKFLIP or a SPIN ATTACK to take care of airbourne robots. He can ROLL into enemies on the ground, or if he’s above them, he can BOUNCE for a precise landing. Bingo is also able to DASH when he really needs to keep things moving.

As SALAMON, you can take to the skies with his FLUTTER JUMP. He can use his TORNADO SPIN to attack any unsuspecting foes on his path. If he needs to get to a higher place, he can charge up his SUPER JUMP to do so!

Windows Demo v1.9.1

Android Demo (Coming Soon)